You are all primordially enlightened, pure and perfect. Your thoughts and emotions are the wisdom. At Mipham Shedra, you discover how to witness that reality.

-Rechungpa Rinpoche




"Mipham Shedra is an organization devoted to the preservation and practice of the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, by providing opportunities for students around the world to gain the clarity they need in order to meditate with confidence, so that they may witness their own Buddha nature, for the benefit of all sentient beings."


Upcoming Programs

Shedra Flyer
torma flyer final

Fall Shedra Course: Guhyagarbha Series II

Sept 3rd - Dec 10th, 2024
Tuesdays 6.00 pm to 8.30pm MT
Suggested Donation: $300 for non-members, $240 for members



Torma Fest 2024

Dates: July 13th, 20th, & 27th, 9:00am to 4:30pm; July 16th, 6:00-8:30pm
Suggested Donation: $125 for non-members, $95 for members


Enrollment Now Closed

Guhya Retreat 24 Final Flyer-min

Guhyagarbha Tantra Retreat

June 1st-2nd, 2024
9am to 4pm both days
Suggested Donation: $195 for non-members, $150 for members

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"Always enjoy coming here and hearing Lloppon Rinpoche's teachings. I had very little knowledge on Buddhism and meditation and felt very welcomed my first time. His analogies and metaphors are interesting and easy to understand and he is an extremely kind person."




"I cannot recommend Mipham Shedra highly enough. I was searching for a meditation teacher and was shocked to find someone like Lhoppon Rinpoche living in my neighborhood. He's a beautiful soul and world class meditation instructor. Mipham Shedra is a gem for Westminster and the whole Denver metro"


Joe Stone