The Meditation and
The Vow are both equally important, like the two
wings of a bird in flight.


The Mipham Shedra curriculum is the design used to become a genuine and authentic practitioner through the ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Vows shape us and organize us as practitioners.

There are two important requirements to grow a fruitful tree from a seed. First, every day we must give water to the seed or roots. Second, we need to carefully tend the green shoot with warmth and sunlight. Similarly, there are two very important requirements to developing a happy and peaceful life from our True Nature. First, daily meditation sustains us like the water does for the seed. Second, keeping the Vow with mindfulness allows us to grow, similar to sunlight for the green shoot. We will definitely be successful in our goals through accepting these two responsibilities.



Many of you have participated in Mipham Shedra with sincere dedication. If you have reached the point where you would like to go deeper in your relationship with Lhoppön Rinpoche and Mipham Shedra, please consider participating in the Guru-Disciple Vow Ceremony. You come to this ceremony with a firm conviction that it is time to work with your life "internally." You have spent many years looking outside for satisfaction, but now you know there is something missing. A Buddhist is someone who looks "inside" for answers. In Tibetan Buddhism, having a Teacher is key. You must be certain that the Teacher is someone who is sincere, trained and available. The Teacher must be trained in, and have practiced in, an authentic lineage. With Lhoppön Rinpoche, and our Mipham Shedra Sangha, this step towards working together begins with the Guru-Disciple Vow Ceremony. You request that Lhoppön Rinpoche accept you as his student and you Vow that he will be your Spiritual Teacher. Rinpoche then accepts you as his student.

Commitment Requirements:
Lhoppon Rinpoche as your Guru
Mipham Shedra Sangha Membership

Read: “Words of My Perfect Teacher”, Part 1, Chapter 6
Vow Class
Learn to Prostrate
Learn to Offer Kata
Learn about Dana (Donation)

Meditation Practice:
Set your intention to attend weekly meditations
Set your intention to have a daily meditation practice



Commitment Requirements:
Non-violence. Learn the 10 actions to avoid
Purification service (Volunteer)

Read, “Words of My Perfect Teacher”, Part 2, Chapter 1 (Refuge)
History Class
Conduct Class
Four Noble Truths Class (First Wheel of the Dharma)

Meditation Practice:
Attend weekly meditation class
Practice Shamatha Meditation, 30 minutes/day


 Purpose of this Practice:
To open the heart to the suffering of all sentient beings

Commitment Requirements:
Love & compassion, through aspiration & application.
Purification service continue 108 times

37 Practices of the Bodhisattva
Read, “The Way of the Bodhisattva”
Emptiness Class (Second Wheel of the Dharma)
Buddha Nature Class (Third Wheel of the Dharma)

Meditation Practice:
Attend weekly, meditation class and/or pujas

Daily meditation practice on love and compassion, 30 minutes/day minimum


 Purpose of this Practice:
This is a powerful and uplifting practice for overcoming low self-esteem, self hatred and depression. This year of Kriya Tantra Practice works to overcome all addictions.

Commitment Requirements:
3 Purifications of Body, Speech and Mind
3 Accomplishments
Accumulation of merit service to Mipham Shedra
During the month of Saka Dawa:
Practice Kriya Tantra
Practice the 8 Precepts
No Smoking or Drinking
During the Purification Year of Kriya Tantra practice:
Wear clean clothes, maintain high personal hygiene practices
Men should be clean or closely shaven
Work to remove all addictions (smoking, alcoholism, drugs, internet, etc.

Read and Study, “Buddhist Fasting Practice, The Nyungne Method of Thousand-Armed Chenrezig”
Read and Study, “Tara’s Enlightened Activity”

Meditation Practice:
Attend Monthly Green Tara Pujas
Attend at least 3 Meditations/mo.
Daily Green Tara Meditation Practice



Commitment Requirements:
Pure perception
Purification service completed 108 times

Finish reading, “Words of My Perfect Teacher” and attend Book Study on this book.
Read, “History of Nyingma School, The Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism”, Part 2 - The Rise of the Precious Teaching of Secret Mantra
Study Creation and Completion
Take the Creation and Completion Class
Attend Bardo Retreat
Attend Phowa Retreat

Meditation Practice:

Make attending all Sadhanas a priority
Attend weekly meditation practice
Daily meditation on creation and completion state