Vow Class & Vow Ceremony

Saturday, June 17th, 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Guru-Disciple, Refuge & Bodhichitta Vows

Class taught by  Lhoppön Rinpoche

Vow ceremony will be given by Lhoppön Rinpoche
at 3:00 pm, following class



In this class, we will learn the true meaning of taking vows.


What does it mean to enter into a student-teacher relationship?  How does Refuge become the door for entering the Buddhist path? How do we inspire Bodhichitta mind?


For those who are ready to work with Rinpoche as a teacher, the Guru-Disciple vow marks the beginning of that relationship. Refuge marks the entry into the Buddhist path, where we learn to “do no harm.” Bodhichitta vows take us on the next step of the process of caring for others, taking away their suffering, and holding all sentient beings in our compassionate awareness.




Email [email protected] to RSVP and receive prep material.


This class is open to everyone, however, the Vow Ceremony is by permission only. If you would like to take vows with Rinpoche, please email [email protected] to discuss this important step.


Membership in Mipham Shedra is required to enter the student-teacher relationship.


Cost of class is $45 to supporting members and $75 to the general public.

Mipham Shedra Temple
2860 Bluff Street
Boulder, Colorado