Mipham Shedra is currently seeking volunteers to help with various projects.

Mipham Shedra is completely volunteer-based; our purpose is to benefit sentient beings. Volunteering allows us to serve and honor this intention. There is a place for every one of us in this endeavor. The merit we accrue through such activity will never fade.

As Buddha has said,

     Just as a drop of water that falls into the ocean
    Will never disappear until the ocean runs dry,
    Merit totally dedicated to enlightenment
    Will never disappear until enlightenment is reached.

Can you help us? Even if you have just a few hours a week or month to volunteer, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Kindly let us know by updating your information regarding your availability to volunteer and any skills you might have or types of projects that interest you. We keep volunteer information in our MailChimp email list so If you currently are not on our email list please subscribe on the Home page using “Email List Signup”. Once subscribed you can update your information by clicking on the "update your preferences" link at the bottom of any Mipham Shedra email sent to you.
Besides seeking volunteers for upcoming projects and activities, Mipham Shedra is also seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Volunteer Coordinator - Monitor online volunteer sign-up, track volunteers’ skills and time constraints, coordinate with Rinpoche and his Secretary for work needed, assess how to best use and retain volunteers.

Retreat/Event Coordinator - Coordinate with Rinpoche and his Secretary to

    a. produce and distribute fliers for the retreat/event
    b. prior to retreat/event, track and communicate with attendees for payment, protocols, webinar (out-of-state attendees), carpooling and clean up
    c. prior to retreat/event, check and replenish supplies needed
    d. facilitate cleaning and prep of Temple prior to retreat/event.
    e. distribute Rinpoche’s retreat materials, either prior to or during retreat/event
    f. monitor the facility, bathrooms, trash and flow during retreat/event
    g. oversee and facilitate cleanup.