Mipham Shedra Temple Fundraising Project

Phases of Temple Construction and Fundraising

Phase 1 of the temple construction is to meet the city and county requirements for certificate of occupancy. This certificate allows the sangha and community to gather and practice. The following will need to be completed before the certificate can be issued.

  • Right-of-way improvements (sidewalk along 106th)
  • Driveway paving and parking lot improvements
  • Site grading and drainage infrastructure
  • Concrete walkways
  • Planting/Landscape screening
  • Temple buidling code improvements i.e. accessible bathroom

Phase 2 will be at a later date and consists of the following construction projects

  • Prayer wheeel wall and structure
  • 6ft temple expansion/addition
  • Temple roof improvements and copula
  • Temple decorative elements
  • Covered deck structure
  • Signage

Construction Projects

Estimated Costs

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Parking Lot, Sidewalk, Site Improvements






ADA Accessible Bathroom