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Shedra Agreement Form for The Guhyagarbha Tantra

Beginning February 24th 2024


For Those Attending the Shedra by Zoom:

1 - Keeping Camera On: I agree to keep my camera ON for the duration of the class, unless I am momentarily occupied or need to use the restroom. I agree that I will communicate with Mipham Shedra if I have exceptional circumstances that prevent me from keeping my camera on during class.

2 - Keeping Microphone Off: I agree to keep my microphone muted unless I am responding to Rinpoche.

3 - Punctuality: I agree to be online and ready 10 minutes before class start time if possible. I will remain logged on for the duration of the class.

4 - Decorum: I agree to participate in the internet classes with the same degree of respect and reverence as if I were physically at the temple.

For All Shedra Students Attending Either In Person or Via Zoom:

5 - Attendance: I understand that attendance is required for any Shedra course for which I am registered. I agree to attend at least 9 out of the 13 classes given this semester. I understand that if I attend less than 9 classes, and do not communicate with Mipham Shedra about the reason for missing class, the computer system will automatically disenroll me from the course for the remainder of the semester.

6 - Karma Yoga for Curriculum Students: If I am a curriculum student, I agree to honor my commitment to participate in the Karma Yoga Teams program by giving two hours per week, or eight hours per month of my time to working for Mipham Shedra.

I understand that if I do not honor this commitment, and I do not communicate with Mipham Shedra about the reason for not honoring this commitment, then the computer system will automatically disenroll me from the Shedra course for the remainder of the semester.

7 - Listening to Recordings: For any class I miss, I will listen to the recording of that class before the next class.

8 - Homework: For any given class, I agree to do the homework reading sent out by the coordinator before the next class. I agree to be prepared to ask questions in class that pertain to the current study topic.

9 - Optional Small Groups: I understand that the small group discussions regarding the topic covered in a given semester are optional.

10 - Semester Structure: I understand that the Shedra is taught in a 15-week semester format. The Spring 2024 semester is an exception, as it will be 13 weeks in length. Rinpoche generally teaches three semesters per year, with three breaks of 2-3 weeks each, in between semesters.

11 - Completing All Semesters: I understand that sometimes Rinpoche may cover a particular topic over more than one semester in a row. In this case, I agree to complete all of the semesters on that topic. I agree to make a suggested donation for each of those semesters, or apply for financial aid, or work exchange if necessary. I understand that I may take a break from Shedra class by skipping the next topic.

12 - Making a Suggested Donation: I have either made the recommended suggested donation for this semester, or I have applied for financial aid, or work-exchange using the forms available in the Member’s Portal, to assist me in covering the cost of this course.

In the event that I have applied for partial financial aid or work-exchange and my request has been granted, I agree to make my partial monetary donation for the course prior to the beginning of the course.

I understand that I am strongly encouraged to pay by credit or debit card on the Member’s Portal, but that I may also pay by check made out to Mipham Shedra. I should mail the check to:

Mipham Shedra
8200 W. 106th Ave
Westminster, CO 80021

13 - Making a Teacher’s Gift: I understand that it is customary in Tibetan Buddhism to offer a teacher’s gift at the conclusion of each class period (semester). If I choose to offer a gift, I understand that Rinpoche prefers that I do so on the website here:

I understand that I may also pay by check made out to Gyurmed Dorjee.

I understand that all checks are to be mailed to:

Gyurmed Dorjee
8200 W. 106th Ave
Westminster, CO 80021

14 - Communicating With Mipham Shedra: I agree to communicate openly with Mipham Shedra by sending an email to [email protected] regarding any circumstances that may affect my ability to abide by the terms of this agreement. I understand that maintaining this communication is a way of demonstrating my respect for the Dharma and for Rinpoche.

By signing below, I understand and agree to all of the above 14 points.