Rigdzin Düpa Puja (Guru Rinpoche Day)




We will be celebrating Guru Rinpoche Day with a Feast Offering.
The tenth day of the waxing and waning moon is when Vajrayana practitioners meet to focus on practice as a sangha. The Tibetan word for this practice, tsok, signifies “gathering” and covers sangha gathering, gathering of merit and wisdom, and gathering of wisdom and means. Everyone is welcome to attend, chanting is in Tibetan with instruction from Rinpoche in English.  All will benefit.
On Guru Rinpoche Day each month we gather at Mipham Shedra to practice Rigdzin Düpa.

Rigdzin Düpa, 'The Gathering of Vidyadharas,' is the inner lama practice from the Longchen Nyingtik, the terma revelation of Jikmé Lingpa.
Thank you to DharmaSubhashita for this description:
Rigdzin Düpa (The Gathering of Awareness Holders -vidyadhara) is the inner (amongst outer, inner, secret and innermost secret) level of Guru-Yoga from Longchen Nyingtik. In this practice Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) appears along with Mandarava and the eight great vidyadharas. The elaborate Tsok performed at most Nyingma monasteries is based on the Rigdzin Dupa sadhana.
Longchen Nyingtik (The heart essence of the great expanse) is one of the most widespread cycles of treasure teachings (terma) in Nyingma tradition. It was revealed by the great scholar and yogi, Vidyadhara Jigme Lingpa as a mind treasure - from the enlightened nature of mind. This cycle of teachings originated from the primordial Buddha Samantabhadra, and came down through an unbroken lineage involving Vajrasattva, Prahevajra, Vimalamitra, Padmasambhava, Longchenpa, Jigme Lingpa, etc. Rigdzin düpa is the inner Guru practice from this treasure cycle.