Buddhist History Class

Taught by Lhoppön Rinpoche


Saturday October 21st
9:00am - 1:00pm


Mipham Shedra Main Temple
8200 W. 106th Ave
Westminster, CO 80021


Members $45
Public $75

This class is a required part of the foundational curriculum for those who have taken vows with Rinpoche.

The intention of a Buddhist history class is to enable you to organize your spiritual path clearly and confidently. Tibetan Buddhism is complex with many schools and divisions. Without a clear understanding of history and lineage, this can become an obstacle to your progress.

History will help you understand which lineage you are part of, how the lineage began and how it came to you. Your lineage points you to the practices you will be exposed to and provides you with a clear map of your path. This will clear up much potential confusion. The complexity of Tibetan Buddhism can make it difficult to see where you are on the path and why you are doing the practice assigned. Through this history class you will gain the confidence of understanding exactly where you are - right now.

Webinar available with 48 hours advance notice

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Mipham Shedra, 8200 W. 106th Ave, Westminster CO 80021


Buddhist History Class Payment

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