Centers - Public Meditation & Teaching


Mipham Shedra holds weekly classes and meditations at 3 locations in Colorado:  our Main Temple in Westminster, and at locations in Longmont and Denver.
Mipham Shedra’s primary location is in Westminster at our Temple.  Our Temple contains a traditional Tibetan Buddhist Shrine and meditation space. This is where most of our Retreats, Classes and Pujas are held.  Rinpoche frequently uses the Temple for private meetings with students and as a place to meet with visiting Tibetan dignitaries.

We also hold weekly Public Meditations in Longmont and Denver, Colorado, where Rinpoche teaches and sometimes holds small retreats.
Because Lhoppön Rinpoche is Mipham Shedra’s Resident Teacher, he conducts most of the classes, retreats, Pujas and gives weekly teachings at all of Mipham Shedra’s Public Meditations.